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America’s “Official Movement” The Peoples: “Restoration of America” All In: “American Restoration!”

The most famous movement in American political history now delivered to The People of America on Labor Day Monday September 7th 2015, on the Internet encouraging action within every convention center within the United States of America. Our current issue is whether the people should continue endorsing divided party affiliation that by nature in the very context of the establishment continues dividing and conquering our Republic by systematically taking us away from our original precepts. It is today within our modern arena we now face inflationary measures increasing our debt while decreasing our living and working environmental standards- burdened by ineffective politicians. We now come forward to carry our own speeches on every subject affected negatively by our officials who maintain their conduct furthering their criminal negligence’s. Our speeches now begin with every subject exposing them by our active unified voice command broken down to the lowest common denominator the simplicity that every American can understand as “American Restoration.”

The subject of the people’s solutions seems to not have enough impact on our elected appointed to serve the people to protect our best interests and where we have found most U.S. Senators like other members of state and county elected positions within America intentionally ineffective. We the people rise now to speak over their overt incompetence’s. The active range of those who wish to organize every opposition against foreign advances including every form of diabolical attack on our country now has a single focus that includes our National Official Movement.

Everyone aspired to be the countries unified nominee for leadership, those who skillfully, but quietly, are building support can now realize our movement is bigger than all the failed parties combined. We as the silent majority are now moving into a place of becoming a loud enforcement to all those who have escaped justice and maintain their criminal advances eliminating our sovereignty, but we are aware.

Our rising verbiage among the delegates is more than only language but accountability every failure can feel. Our peoples dramatic speaking styles and rhetoric shall rouse the spirit within the observing crowds to our national restoration frenzy. This response, reporters in their establishment will be prevented from writing about, because it does not fit into the scope of their world hegemony plans, but our response shall include coming together as the American people as “Lightning and Great Bursts of Thunder.” All men and women are welcome to scream and wave their flags in our great patriotic movement that may inspire the ends of the earth. “Some,” countries may share in their identification of motives by shadow governments, but our great light within our country now breaks forth like the dawn rising on every form of darkness in our land with our focused movement.

Eradicating dictorial reporters, removing such demented things from our Nations intelligence sharing includes this time of networking our own news while boycotting corporate controlled media and it is not without penalty now that we the people know of their decisions to keep our people from knowing the full weight of our countries truths. We shall divest ourselves from their unlawful editing and take control of our own air waves that include technology unstoppable – our word of mouth. The new day of our people’s conventions now begin without the approval of those who have sold out our country to the highest bidders, it is removed from such decisions that compromise our own security.

Ineffective leadership found in modern day presidency’s that have become mainstream media public relations rather than what we need for the people of the United States being executive forces. Now we come together to throw off ineffective sitcom politics & make our executive decision as the people of the Untied States of America providing a national movement to restore all that was stolen.

The full scale of our movement “American Restoration” or “Restoration of America” which ever way you look remains “Restoration” now we come together & without permission to restore our country.

-God Bless America!


American Restoration

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