Attention all targeted individuals,

We are sorry to hear about the trouble you are having, everyone who alleges they or someone they may know has been a victim of crime out of alignment, or in other words in violation to our Federal Criminal Code, and most of which can be found within 18 U.S.C., must first start with simply knowing their rights as an American Citizen. Knowing your rights and how to assert them within our system absolutely is the best place to start. Unless of course the crime is in progress, if this is the case and you feel your life may be in danger then anyone in their right mind should immediately stop what they are doing and dial 911. 

Of course by knowing your rights in particular to the matter that may be presenting its self to you or your family, with this knowledge all of which can today easily be found in our modern age by a simple search on any major search engine. Your rights, the rights in which you own freely are found within 18 U.S.C. §3771, §1512, & §1513. If you feel you are or someone you know is or has been a victim of Federal Crime, you should have enough courage to simply report the crime to Federal Law Enforcement (any number of ways) one of which I can provide you here: 

If the Executive Branch will not or can not help you, never forget anyone can go directly to the Judicial Branch within the District Courts operating within their own state jurisdiction, the jurisdiction in which they own, and submit their sworn/notarized affidavit in writing asserting their rights mentioned above and how they feel their rights have been violated. Doing so forces the issue of remedy/relief without the discretion of whether to do justice or not when a crime has been committed, especially in the circumstances when there is a clear victim of a crime. 

The simplicity of knowing whether you are a victim of crime or not rests with the question has a trespass against you happened that is in violation of Federal Law as, yes or no? In other words for example 18 U.S.C § 1951(a), is a “R.I.C.O” Predicate offense because Section 1951(a) expressly makes conspiracy a crime. Because of the effect of 18 U.S.C. § 2, however, one who aids and abets the commission of a federal crime is treated as if “They” had committed the crime as a principal and can be charged under “R.I.C.O” if the crime is one set forth in Section 1961(1)(B)-(G). 35 (“aiding and abetting one of the activities listed in Section 1961(1) as racketeering activities makes one punishable as a principal and amounts to engaging in that racketeering activity.)

Is someone committing a crime or helping a crime be committed against you out of alignment with our/your Federal Code yes or no? Further this message in my opinion should be provided to all victims who allege they are suffering under any number of extraordinary circumstances where Federal Law and/or State Law may have been violated.) You may want to download and read the entire Federal R.I.C.O Manual, Conspiracy Manual, and Criminal Discovery Manual, provided for every American citizen, who must also know their rights, as this includes what options are available to them when they are facing the circumstances where their rights may have been violated. It is all too often a frequent occurrence in the year 2016 where their servants, the servants in which they (The American People) have trusted them to serve, are found to have so grossly violated their trusts, and while doing so automatically, simultaneously found violating their oath(s) of office. 

This of course comes without any penalty nor remedy in the past, and while victims within their jurisdiction, the jurisdiction in which they own forcefully are continued without remedy, nor relief, only found to continue to suffer without their permission. Hopefully this helps every Victim to become the “Victor” at the end of the day seeing justice and prosecutions all the way through to the end or “Finish line.”  

The Manuals: 

Hence the very same reason the American people must no longer be dependent on their “Servants” nor anyone to do their work such as “Attorneys” the same.

Now for everyone and for that matter:


The American People!


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