Dear Mr. Parker:

In my 36 years, I have provided only in the last two, trillions of dollars available; as a bold statement for the future of not only commerce world wide, but to changing USAA banking forever. Foundation is what all good foundations are built upon, and when you speak of such a​​ foundation that will not change, it reminds me of how much will it took to be able to​​ add to​​ “Service Excellence.” By now it should not come as any surprise, coming from an American made man, to be able to provide additional services to USAA pride; by the way of adding further benefits to over twelve million members. Delivering your services are also an active part of my foundational principals. Delivering by​​ way of promise​​ and being able to see the promise to fruition adds to this administrations mission to help facilitate and broaden your serious financial horizons to say the least.

Within American history we now have the bolder statement that is backed up by our courts truth and fact process, not fiction,​​ when we announce to our financial security, “Our security has never been greater than it is now.” In fact, it is so damn secure that nothing in the world can prevent our military families from sharing in the greatest victory of our great national and international achievements as a nation. Our standard equates to the highest standards in the world and lifting the burden of interest and national debt equates to nothing less. Furthermore, by now while you may or may not know, likewise recognize or not recognize, what has been obtained for our banking industry now must come into fruition; and this may require growth.

While I say this in a polite manner, in no other way will it be other than growth and when you recognize how many industries what we have obtained as a nation this affects, you will recognize the real truth of excellence par none; while better servicing Americas banking, investments, and insurance interests. As we continue now without anyone’s approval moving into the year two thousand and eighteen, make sure you are prepared when it comes to how much our military has now provided in servicing our country the best. This year has only begun and in the year we have entered, let this 2017 be the missing addition our nation needed the most. Allow this year to be the year “USAA” shines to the world our addition is​​ laser focused. Allow our nations currency rights be reintroduced to international banking as the boldest statement in fact. This great country was built with the same ingredients to continue these facts with our foundational principals provided in our justice systems truths.

May I reaffirm the reintroduction of our foundational principals where international bankers shall respect our​​ superpowers​​ decisions, which will shape shift the financial landscape, not only in this nation, but certainly affect every banking interest around the globe. With this kind of support that USAA may or may not be aware of, it is this backing that provides solidity when found investing in our 1. Own People 2. Nation and 3. Currency Rights. With this kind of active spirit in producing, rather than draining, may I further reaffirm our commitment to your commitments in helping many first-time car buyers, while hopefully American manufactured, with assisting first time home owners and investing in Americas home builders.

I have carefully studied your written letter to this administration informing of your introductions to banking and purchasing developments; by improving your investor interactions with USAA. “The Scope,” if we really get down to business, the reality is of course your customer base genuinely is but investors; both with their faith and spirit in a bank that can deliver everything mentioned above in their service banking excellence. When it comes to process that is what we are speaking of when reaching the end of this executive banking address and to encourage your action when it comes to leading the banking industry by challenging your industry into taking even bolder moves than we have seen foreign banking take affecting our nation in the past. You will find not only do you have the​​ greatest military​​ on earth who​​ supports you, but the people do too.

Finally, in this administrations financial administrative action, I too affirm there is nothing more important than for “The United States of America,” in keeping our financial systems safe. With our restored printing rights protected remember who we as a nation have placed all our trusts in. We all know the motto, we know the saying, we know what belongs to us without any other nation or banks approval. Now it is this administration who calls upon USAA to their duty to usher in restoration without violence, but in “Ironclad Memorandums of Understanding.” Our Great Nation the United States is a “Superpower.”

We are a “Superpower” for a reason and when we need to flex our reasons we don’t wish any bankers anything other than harm. Our country is already​​ great again​​ and that is the secret power of​​ our rich military heritage. When we fight we always win and that is our countries supremacy, not only in banking, but corporate and international military alliance. Keeping our banks safe is my job and keeping our country safe when it comes to banking with commerce is also my job; but it is all our duties to protect the future sovereignty of our great countries national and international banking interests. Reminding all bankers our intelligence agencies are the worlds best and this includes the greatest intelligence agency; the military of the United States with their “Ironclad Forces.” As we now close on​​ our own printing rights​​ let us all recall critical intelligence, information, ownership, shouting out as “One Nation,” enjoying our victories together. As we remind the world who we are but, “The People and Military of the United States of America.” Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and engage with your bank; as I too wish you the very best banking legacy experience any banker could ever dream possible​​ 

ALL I.N. 2017!








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